Every project is unique. H2Architecture Studio is prepared to advise and assist you in tailoring the array of professional services available to meet your needs and expectations.

Most building projects require design and construction documents, assistance in securing a contractor, and evaluating the progress of construction. Below we explain each phase you will be working through with your architect in more detail. We look forward to developing a successful project with you.


  • Pre-Design Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Observation
  • Project Completion


Timeline: one to four weeks
Number of project meetings or site visits provided: 1


The Pre-Design phase gives us the opportunity to identify and organize essential information about the project, as it exists, and how it relates your preferences, budget, and desires. We analyze your site and determine ideal placement of your building and/or the spaces within a structure. In order to have a successful first meeting, we will provide you with a “client questionnaire” that will get you started thinking about your project. We encourage you to clip magazine photos, take your own photos, search the many inspirational websites, whatever your favorite thing to do that will help convey your personality, needs and wants. 

Our services may include:

  • evaluation, planning and programming
  • assisting in site selection
  • preparing a project feasibility report
  • meeting with City or County Planners to determine zoning restrictions and requirements
  • meeting with outside consultants (as needed)


Timeline: two to five months
Number of project meetings provided: 2 to 5

Our design phase includes the many different design stages of a project. We believe creating a strong relationship to the project requirements and the overall feeling of each space is the most important process in creating a well-designed project. Due to the importance of this process, we spend the majority of our time in this phase.

Schematic Design

From the information gathered in our preliminary meetings, we create site plan schemes and floor plan. These drawings will illustrate the scale and relationship of your project components. We will work to resolve programmatic issues, study how the building relates to its surroundings, and explore alternate solutions to come to a clearly defined, feasible concept.

Design Development

With approval of a concept, we will further develop additional details and to-scale drawings that will illustrate the project as it will look when constructed. These drawings will include the site plan, floor plans, and elevations. We will work on furniture layouts, interior elevations, cabinetry layouts, and decorative details.  Additionally, we can guide you in selecting preliminary windows, doors, flooring, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and hardware. These preliminary selections will be noted on the construction documents and used for bidding purposes. By the end of this process, our goal is to have a design you are excited about that is in the budget we have discussed.

It is important through this entire process for the client to provide input on the design.


Timeline: six weeks to three months
Number of project meetings provided: 2 to 3

Once the design phase is approved by you, most of the major decisions have been made. The Construction Documents contain all necessary information to distribute to qualified Contractors for bids and to construct the project including dimensions, materials, codes, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, engineering, and specifications. During this phase we will work with consultants necessary for your project. The information we discuss will be displayed on the drawings and specifications in detail required for the project.

The construction documents are the primary means of communication between the Architect, contractor, city or county planners, and inspectors showing the work to be performed on your building.


Timeline: length of construction
Number of site visits provided: 6 to 12

The Architect will visit the site at intervals appropriate to the state of the construction of the project. The purpose of site visits are to review the work being performed for compliance with the Construction Documents.

It is important to keep in mind that H2 Architecture Studio neither has control over nor are responsible for the construction means, methods, and techniques, or for site safety precautions and programs in connection with the work, since these are solely the Contractor’s rights and responsibilities under the Construction Contract.


After construction is complete, H2 Architecture Studio will inspect and photograph the finished project. This is a good time for the client to give us feedback on the process.